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    YES “We are OPEN" 
    Number one, we need to build confidence and get people out of their houses and into local business.  Technology is sure to be an important part of giving consumers the confidence to return to work and resume normal activity such as visiting shops, cafes and restaurants. This cultural shift toward mobile technology is now more than ever (Post COVID 19). If the goal of your chamber is to reach out to, inform and retain members, then it’s critical to develop a mobile engagement strategy.  Convert members from passive or casual observers into advocates for your chamber. The Chamber can easily broadcast important announcements and empower small business owners to make local marketing simple and affordable.  

    Why “Mobile" 
    Today we are spending more time viewing our mobile screens than ever! – It is our #1 source for information and communication! 
    Mobile apps provide a valuable experience for both your members and consumers and is more effective and accessible than a website. 

    • ATTRACT new customers

    • RETAIN the customers they already have

    • INFORM let consumers know your open for business

    • CONNECT ping when it is their turn to come in

    • COMMUNICATE their offers to members

    • MEASURE their customer engagement 

    Business owners and their customers will love this App

    Mobile apps allow your members to easily stay informed about special events or offers, receive important chamber updates and provide a sense of community with other members.  Connectivity and content are critical to attracting and retaining members Apps allow them to become more engaged with your organization 

    For Chamber: 

    • Attract new members 

    • Generate non-dues Revenue Stream

    • Promote member businesses, special events and hot deals 

    • Advertise your communities’ events 

    • Push notifications from Chamber to members 

    • Post and view jobs and hot deals

    • Member-to-consumer specials

    • Announcements and Reminders to Community Events

    • Connect your chamber, your community and your members. 

    For Members:  

    • Build customer loyalty and relationships 

    • Increase your visibility – people can easily “find” you 

    • Reinforce your brand 

    • Increase sales 

    • Enhance your social media strategies 

    • Supply special event information, product launches, and sales events 

    • Send push notifications for appointment reminders, special events and more

    For Customers: 

    • Get awesome specials, updates, promotions and fun news 

    • Search member business directory 

    • View business profiles and contact information 

    • View and register for events 

    • Share their activity within the app on social media

    • Easy access to services and products 

    • Get directions and contact information to your store for customers on the go  


  • Cyndie Carkeek
  • 11 June, 2020