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GrandStay Hospitality, LLC.

At GrandStay®Hospitality, LLC., our goal is to provide guests with more than just a room. We take pride in providing a relaxing atmosphere, through a wide array of amenities, our warm and friendly staff and excellent guest services, where guests truly feel at home.

All our hotel brands provide excellent value and service, offering complimentary breakfast, Bath and Body Works products, luxurious white bedding and high-speed internet.

Replace stamp card rewards program with a customer engaging online and mobile program

The stamp card program for customer loyalty was manual. There was no way of tracking who the cards were handed out to, how many cards were out and if the card was lost-there was no way of helping the customer with their lost rewards. Repeat, loyal customers and an effective reward

A digital loyalty program to keep the customers engaged and excited

with all of the bells and whistles of the best hotel loyalty programs out there plus more. The platform allowed the reward program to give 10 points for every dollar spent at any of the 30 hotels franchised by GrandStay. The program allows the customers to either to earn credits for future stays or redeem their reward points for a usable gift card at hundreds of retailers.

Giving customers the option to cash their points immediately or hang on to them to unlock bigger rewards proved to be very effective.

2000 customers actively using their loyalty program in just 3 months

The result have spoken for themselves, as GrandStay quickly went from a manual reward program with its competitors to a hugely successful business with all positive reviews of its loyalty program.

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