Auto-Pilot Marketing, SMS & POS Integration Marketing Program

Tools to boost your business


Email Marketing

The Intuitive Data Driven Marketing will automatically help you find and connect with your audience so you can build your brand, connect with the right audience for the right promotion and services. Personalized welcome, milestone, missing customers or a happy birthday wish are automatically out as well as any other triggers you set for targeted campaigns. Here are a few of the powerful automations that are handled by your Intuitive CRM and Data Driven Marketing Module giving you the freedom to focus on the rest of your business


SMS Messaging

Your app sends messages via a customized flow to remind customers of upcoming events (such as an appointment or delivery). Messages can be personalized and scheduled for delivery according to your business logic. And with built-in failover, messages can be delivered to another channel in case the initial message doesn't reach the customer. Engage your customers - Deliver timely notifications about pending appointments, arrivals, and more to keep your customers engaged.


Auto Pilot Marketing

Marketing automation leads the customer loyalty revival. Instead of hammering your audience with mindless messages, now you can deliver targeted and meaningful interactions across customer segments. It’s making one-to-one customer relationships possible again, this time in the digital space. Marketing automation lets you orchestrate personalized, cross-channel campaigns that make your audience feel special at every touchpoint. And integrating your CRM with your automated marketing lets you pack an even more powerful punch. You can finally deliver the right message at the right time. Instead of guessing at your audience, you can track customers across different communication channels. It’s like an old-fashioned salesperson who remembers your favorite color and when your child’s birthday is – but with all the convenience of modern commerce.


POS Integration

An important reason to integrate your loyalty program with your POS system is to enhance customer experiences. Using one, integrated platform also allows your customers to use their loyalty cards and redeem points at all brand locations. You customers can easily see how many rewards points they have, whether they’re shopping online, on their smartphones, or in any store location. Integrated platform = seamless customer experiences. Integrating systems are also easier for IT resources to manage, update, secure, and integrate with third-party applications. When you integrate systems, you gain the ability to centrally manage all of your applications, rather than logging into separate dashboards and spending extra time on clunky workflows.

A Bond Brand Loyalty study found 84% of consumers say instantly redeeming loyalty rewards points improves shopping experiences.

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